As all Canadian Seniors and Veterans we are calling on you to act now and fulfill your promises. We have supported you through all elections and only ask you to do what you were elected to do; look after all Canadians and keep us safe.

With the war raging in Ukraine and the threat of Russia being on Canada's doorstep our Prime Minister and the Liberal Party seem to be sticking their heads in the sand. In 2006 ALL NATO Defence Ministers committed to a 2% GDP defence investment to strengthen our alliance. This was to be with troops, equipment, and money. On April 19, 2023 Prime Minister Trudeau said we can't meet that commitment. We believe that is because, we are spending a large portion of our commitment supporting Ukraine. We as Canadians understand that.

Now we come to our Prime Minister and the Liberal party's promises to Canadians. Aside from NATO we still have to build our own defence system to protect us. We need troops, fighter jets, and trained pilots to defend our North. Our Liberal Government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not kept his promise to give billions of dollars to the Canadian Department of National Defence to be ready to defend all Canadians and our Country. We don't have time to wait. The Liberal Government must end the bureaucracy now and act immediately to secure our Country and all Canadians.