We believe after ten years as leader of the Liberal Government we no longer have to wonder if Trudeau and the Liberal Government are the best choice to lead our country. After years of bribing our Seniors and lower class citizens we can now see the hypocrisy of the Liberal Government led by Prime Minister Trudeau. They are not looking after the lower class and our Seniors instead the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments now seem to be supporting the rich and large corporations. The Liberals led by Trudeau reek of hypocrisy by dealing with Nations that go against everything Canadians abhor. The Federal and Provincial governments are out of touch with reality. We need housing we can afford, not rentals that start at an average of $2000 a month. We now believe its time to go to the polls and elect a government that Canadians can be proud of. Not the one we have now; unless they make some drastic changes. Prime minister Trudeau has been in power too long. If the Liberals don't elect a new leader then we must vote for a different party. We must have a party that will build affordable housing for the lower class, not the middle and upper classes. Our children and our seniors need rental homes they can afford and not have to live on the streets. Our seniors are the ones who built this country and now are being left in the cold by the Liberal Government under Prime Minister Trudeau. When it comes to government we must unite in a Democratic Government. This means voting for a government that will uphold DEMOCRACY, work for Canadians, help build more affordable housing for the lower class who can't afford the $2000 middle class affordable housing that our current governments continue to build. If the Federal and Provincial Governments won't start doing what Canadians want; lets tell them. Lets unite together under SEN-VET and explain it to them nicely by giving our votes to a party that will work for us CANADIANS; the Canadian people of CANADA. We have the Liberal Government under Prime Minister Trudeau that are trying to unite all America as one Democracy. This is what we all need to build a Democratic Nation. But are they doing their job? They make promises to Canadians and don't keep them. They promised the Department of National Defence Canada billion's of dollars to build our Armed Forces and never gave it to them. If they don't hurry it might be too late. We have a navy without modern ships and an air force that is so obsolete that we have no way of defending our territory let alone our people. We now have no alternative but to change Governments.

We have the Conservative Government with their leader Pierre Poilievre who believes in freedom and agrees with the majority of the Conservative Government that the freedom convoy was the right way to protest. But, if he condones this action, how would he have handled it if he was Prime Minister? We guess he would have had to let them take over the Canadian Government and do what they wanted.

The NDP Government led by Jagmeet Singh who along with his party believe reducing poverty, getting rid of tuition fees, and equality for all Canadians in our country.
They support the Liberals to give them a majority Government, but don't hold them accountable.

The Bloc Quebecois led by Yves-Francois Blanchet although a federal party still have one goal, to make Quebec a seperatist country. He calls the Monarcy racist and slave-driven but believes seperating and being part of the French is different. We believe he Federally thinks the same as Provincially; A SEPERATIST PARTY.

The Green Party led by Elizabeth May are environmentalists and believe in a clean world.